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this is your epic

that trumps all other novellas and sagas

"Keep in mind, Raesh," Aurico said, staring out to the practice field with a cup of tea in hand, "Never humanize the Aspidistra. Never."

"We have a true purpose, Raesh," Phobos said earnestly, staring out to the battle field with a cup of coffee, "The Aspidistra is not so bad as we believe it to be."

Their Relationship

"He doesn't love me," Levantine bursted into tears. It scared Raesh to see them streaming down her face, like a child crying and you don't know what exactly what it wants, what it wants to hear. "He only uses me." She wiped a tear from her left cheek and through her emotional meltdown, you can see that she was shocked to see it as much as Raesh.
"Don't say that," Raesh finally quipped, attempting to hug Levantine for comfort, "You don't know." She wrapped her arms around her small shoulders and Levantine smeared her tears and into her left clavicle.
"Maybe I'd never know. And he'll still use me because he knows that I love him."

And that conversation popped up in her head, just as Deimus was helping her bandage her hand.
She cannot help but to look up at his face, his calm face, and imagine if it was really the same face that drinks Levantine's potions, that kisses her goodnight and gone the next morning, that counted on her to be there at his weakest and was never there for hers. The same, calm face, blinking and fixing his eyes on the bandage on her hand. She dropped her gaze just as he finished tying it.
"Take care of it, we don't want any infection," he said, lifting his eyebrows in concern.
It was scary how she almost betrayed her awkwardness when she was looking into his eyes, "Of course," she just said and rubbed her bandaged hand on her hip. He gave her a quick a smile and left.