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this is your epic

that trumps all other novellas and sagas

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raeshvonbennett wrote in elusive_raesh
"So that's it."
"That's it," he confirmed, the contour of his face ablaze by the fire in each hand, his eyes the reflective black pool it always was shining with what Raesh finally notice: knowledge. He knew everything. He had seen and planned it for years. He researched and gained access from the Institute, the Recherche and finally the Aspidistra. All of this was his plan for power.

Trying to stall him as she try to figure out a plan, she said "It's funny, actually. Did you know that BD and Aurico told me not to trust you?"
"Flemend's suspicion of me is just a case of jealousy," he replied, "But Aurico has instincts. That's why she's such a good leader." 
"She never tried to keep a good eye on you. Because, as planned, Xavier would be leading the opposition party. Your plan is flawless," she admitted.
"Not nearly as I hope it to," he interjected, "By now, I should be able to hold power over Veribus but along my carefully-laid plan, there was a slight detour to the original."
"What happened?" she asked quickly, wondering if it could bring an advantage to her.

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